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Moonstone Meanings and Their Healing Energies

What does moonstone represent? Moonstones are beautiful, rich gems that hold a plethora of history and mythos. They may not look very impressive at a first, but when the light hits them in just the right way, they reveal a spectacular presence of light and movement. Along with their surprisingly vibrant appearance, it is believed that these luxurious gems signify several important aspects of our lives, including healing, understanding, and love. Amita Bhalla loves utilizing moonstones in her jewelry because of they of their rich history and luminescent significances — and they are also her birthstone! Read on to learn more about these wonderful and mysterious moonstone meanings and their healing energies.

What are Moonstones?

Moonstone healing crystals have been used, traded, and purchased by merchants and wanderers since the beginning of time. They are a stone that represents great mystery, as their beautiful interiors are hidden beneath a shadowy veil, only allowing you to see their true beauty when the light hits them just right. In this way, they teach us to look inward into our subconscious and discover what is underneath our emotional walls and exteriors that we put up to our physical realm. Throughout her travels, Amita has come across many unique stones and gems, and moonstones have stuck out as some of her favorites. The purity they represent is indicative of the sweetly complicated nature of the human condition, and the kindness she has seen emanating from the lives of those who she has come across on her journeys around the globe.

Types of Moonstone Crystals

  • Cat’s Eye/Blue Moonstones: This variation of moonstone is set to promote clarity of thought and clear your inner vision. By keeping this variation of moonstones next to you, you will have access to previously hidden emotional patterns and life insights, balancing yin and yang energies in the same way the waxing and waning moons balance one another. Amita has found this to be the case as she channels her own creative energy into each unique piece.
  • Gray Moonstones: The steely color of this moonstone matches its immense power. Gray moonstones are constantly used to access visions beyond the veil. They are often called the “New Moon Stone’ and they carry within them the mysteries and abilities of the new moon — a never-ending potential of new power and new life.
  • White Moonstones: The powers of moonstone are in full force in this variation of moonstones, as the white iteration stimulates psychic perception, gives individuals vision, and allows dreams to flow freely from our subconscious into our unique, physical perception of the world. Use white moonstones to get in deep touch with your emotional state and concentrate hard on creating positive change in your reality.
  • Peach/Yellow Moonstones: Along with being beautiful, the peach and yellow moonstones are said to stimulate thoughts and soothe an individual’s anxiety and worries. Those who surround themselves with peach or yellow moonstones are actively allowing themselves to live in the most positive, enlightening manner. The loving energy bursting forth from these stones allows a true emotional connection to the world at large.
  • Rainbow Moonstones: Gorgeous and mysterious, rainbow moonstones act as a prism by diffusing energy throughout an aura. They help provide individuals with psychic protection and give their thoughts and senses a hard reset, allowing a tabula rasa effect to take place internally. For those suffering from emotional trauma, wearing a rainbow moonstone or keeping one close by can help them find clarity in thoughts and peace from inner turmoil.

Physical Healing Energy

Moonstone gems have a long history of being connected to healing energy. It is believed that wearing moonstones and keeping them close to oneself in their living space can reset and relax their body’s natural rhythms. Moonstone is said to have the wonderful ability to tap into feminine energies, enhancing fertility and even promoting comfort in pregnancy and childbirth. These physical healing energies have been channeled through Amita as she does her work creating unique, one-of-a-kind art. The comfort that these stones bring has been felt as she travels beautifully and wonderfully across the globe, finding new adventures and new inspirations for her work.

This feminine energy helps more than just women. Some individuals also believe that moonstone can act as a growth stone for children and teenagers, allowing them to grow older in a healthy and vibrant manner. Elderly people of any gender are also able to enjoy the positive effects of moonstones, as it is believed that the physical healing energy of moonstone can help prevent several symptoms of aging.

Emotional Healing Energy

Along with the physical healing energy that moonstones are believed to possess, they are believed to hold magic in them that aids in emotional and mental healing. When harnessing the energy from the moonstone, an individual is believed to be able to quietly master their emotions, rather than expressing or repressing them in an unhealthy manner. This gentle restoration of positive feelings and expulsion of negative energies brings the mind back to a state of natural balance and serenity.

In a more intimate manner, it is believed that moonstones can help individuals identify emotional patterns that are stored deep in the unconscious, and bring them gently forward without eliciting extreme emotional responses. Their power gives an individual peace that will manifest outwardly into the physical environment in which the person lives. They are even said to stimulate the right side of the brain while encouraging nonlinear thinking and creative forces, much like those that Amita uses to make her beautiful jewelry!


Moonstones are often known as the Traveler’s Stone because they are believed to protect travelers on their journeys. The protection offered to travelers by moonstones is thought to be both physical and emotional, allowing voyagers to reach their destination safely while also offering them peace of mind and the quelling of fears associated with their travels. This is especially true, as the name states when the night sky is in full swing and the full moon is shining. If you frequently enjoy traveling, consider wearing moonstone jewelry throughout your travels or even placing a piece of moonstone in the glovebox of your car to aid you as you make your voyages.

Amita Bhalla loves using moonstones in her beautiful jewelry making because of their healing energies. The stories and legends behind each stone play into each unique piece in a truly enlightening and lovely way. You, too, can own some of the beautiful history and stories associated with these gems. Each piece of jewelry is a unique masterpiece — taking inspiration from a one-of-a-kind world experience. There is truly no luxury greater than this. Have a look at our lovely pieces today now that you know what does moonstone represent.

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