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Amethyst Stone Benefits And The Significance of Their Symbolism

Along with their breathtakingly beautiful appearance, amethyst stones are known for a multitude of different advantages for both body and soul. These stones are highly renowned for their healing powers, said to rid one of the negative energies and elevate one’s state of consciousness. These powerful associations are part of the reason why I love incorporating them into my collections. As I journey forward in both my life and my jewelry crafting, I find that the importance we place upon symbols in our lives, whether in the form of a stone or other natural object, often tells us more about ourselves than the object itself. With that in mind, I want to emphasize the importance of self-discovery, not letting objects tell us who we are, but allowing us to see ourselves within the earth. I will discuss a few Amethyst stone benefits in my blog.

History of the Amethyst

The origin of amethysts can be traced back to an ancient Greek legend. It is believed that Bacchus, the god of wine, was insulted by an individual and was taken over by a fit of rage. In this state, he exclaimed that the first person he ran across would be ripped apart by his pack of tigers. However, the first individual he found in his path happened to be a beautiful woman named Amethyst. Amethyst was on her way to worship at the temple of Diana when Bacchus’ army of tigers attacked. In order to save her, Amethyst prayed to Goddess Diana for protection, and Diana turned her into a clear crystal. Awash with regret about his cruelty, Bacchus poured wine onto the crystal, giving the stone its rare and beautiful purple hue.

The Amethyst and My Travels

The Amethyst and My Travels

Amethyst stones are said to be incredibly powerful tools when it comes to easing the mind. They are believed to emit a calming and serene energy that works their way into the mind in order to promote mindfulness and focus. Keeping amethysts near me while I work helps me to keep my focus and stay connected to the art that is so important to me. We all need help sometimes, and semi precious amethysts are an excellent way to regain the mental clarity needed to do what is important.

In fact, I once had an experience where the mental clarity and focus brought by my amethyst was absolutely essential. I had been sitting on the white sands in Mexico, watching the brilliant shades of blue crashing in and going out. I felt calm in my soul, clarity in my mind — but the heaviness in my heart. I had a decision to make. A relationship that had once been a source of abundant joy was eroding my happiness. How could I create joy if I allowed interactions and experiences that inhibited my own?

 a giant Ferris wheel

The amethyst spoke to me, and that evening, I saw a giant Ferris wheel and decided to go for a ride. I noticed how the operator of the wheel only allowed a certain number of people in the passenger car due to weight restrictions. Was the universe trying to tell me to take only what I needed on my journey with no excess weight? How could I travel high with excess weight? I needed guidance.

The full moon highlighting the ripples in the ocean and the purple gleam of the stone felt like a spotlight on my own fears. Fears of causing discomfort to another soul. After all, we are all doing the best we can and evolving together to make the world a better place for one another. I now had the answers I needed, but how does one navigate uncomfortable interpersonal emotions with compassion? It would be easier to maintain the status quo, to pretend I was happy and we were in a fair and authentic relationship.

We must be compassionate to every soul, but first, be compassionate to ourselves. Ascension to a higher place starts with being true to your own individuality first. As I sketched a pendant inspired by the Mayan ruins behind me, I knew what I had to do. The wisdom of the centuries-old civilization was a testament to the fact that all souls are having a human experience, learning and evolving until we meet again. I prayed for wisdom to find the right words, took a look at the beautiful amethyst, and then I let them pour out of me.

Amita Bhalla wearing amethyst jewelry

The Powers of Amethyst

One of the easiest ways to test the healing powers of the amethyst is by wearing amethyst jewelry. Simply wearing a necklace that is made from this beautiful purple stone can instill in the wearer a sense of tranquility. Amethyst is able to help us identify the root causes behind our behaviors, particularly negative behaviors. For those who struggle to understand why they act out in certain ways or have bad habits in which they feel they cannot break, amethyst stones may help in bringing some of these issues to light. Try wearing a piece of amethyst jewelry while meditating and focus in on the issues you are facing. While it can be difficult to face these ugly sides of ourselves, we cannot improve unless we know what is wrong. Luckily, amethyst crystals have an excellent effect of promoting this understanding while helping to keep our minds calm.

Amita Bhalla taking a walk on the beach wearing amethyst jewelry

Where My Travels Have Led Me

Each piece I create is handmade and crafted with the utmost care and purpose. Along with making my pieces as beautiful as I possibly can, I also understand the meaning and purpose that each stone holds and wish to create pieces that will encourage my customers to be the very best versions of themselves.

Inspired by my travels that led to a deeper understanding of myself, each piece I create is representative of my eye-opening experiences. The amethyst is a quartz gem that can be found all around the world and I found that Amethyst stone benefits are abundant. It is comforting to think that no matter where my travels take me, there are parts of the earth that are universal to the human experience. It also acts as a reminder that no matter what ground lay beneath my feet, it is the people that shape our experiences and perspective of the world.

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