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What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline

The following guide is compiled to help you pick out the perfect necklace to complement the type of neckline your outfit adorns. Whether you prefer a scoop neck, v-neck, or even a plain crew neck shirt, there is a necklace style that pairs beautifully with it. Read on to learn what necklace to wear with what neckline.




Round Neckline

Divine Grace with Round Neckline

A round neckline calls for jewelry that will balance out the circular shape that it creates. Angular jewelry is perfect for this type of neckline because it creates variation in shape. Be careful when wearing very round jewelry with a round neckline, as too much of the same shape can overpower either your jewelry or your clothes. Aim to complement rather than overpower.


Soul Explorer with V-neck

The angular shape of a v-neck shirt pairs well with rounder necklaces, such as a round pendant. The Soul Explorer is a great example of a v-neck pairing with a round pendant necklace, and it even extends into a dangling tassel that really accentuates the shape of the shirt itself. 

Boat Neck


 Dream Catcher

Boat neck style garments are in hot demand right now and are a super stylish choice for both casual and formal events. The key to pairing the perfect necklace with your boat neck garment is to bring attention to the elegant lines that your garment creates. The shape of a boat neckline is a horizontal crescent or oval shape. Complement this shape with a simple and long necklace that creates an intersecting vertical oval shape along your frame. The result will be stunning symmetry.

High Neck

 Magical Musings with High Neck

A high neckline is almost always found in evening formal wear. This style exudes elegance and sophistication. As such, your jewelry should reflect this. Avoid short necklaces when wearing this style, as you do not want to cover your neck any more than it already is. Instead, wear a long necklace that extends to your ribs to give the impression of having a tall, sophisticated physique. This look will make your torso look longer and will accentuate the natural lines of the body extending from the neck to the ribcage.

Square Neck 

Athena with Square Neck

A square neckline is an edgy choice and can be a real fashion statement. Try to avoid jewelry that is overly angular with a square neckline, as this can create competition for attention between your garment and jewelry. Aim to complement the angular shape of your neckline with a necklace featuring round shapes. 

Crew Neck

Soul Spice with Crew Neck

Crew necklines are typically found on your average t-shirt. This is a very casual look, but even the most casual of outfits can benefit from the right jewelry choices. You can spice up your crew neck outfit with a unique necklace that is eye-catching enough to juxtapose your plain neckline. The contrast of the simple neckline with jewelry that stands out creates a dynamic picture. With a crew neck, you can go either short or long with your necklace choice. The important thing to remember is to have fun with this one.

Plunging Neck

The Empress with Plunging Neck

The great thing about a plunging neckline is the dramatic lines that it creates. This is a very formal look, so the jewelry you pick needs to match that. The best necklace choice for a plunging neckline is going to be a short necklace or a choker. This creates a flattering shape from the chest to neck, drawing the eyes to the dramatic plunging neckline. 

Scoop Neck

The High Priestess with Scoop Neck

The scoop neck is another common and casual style that can be taken to the next level with the right jewelry pairing. Much like the crew neck, the scoop neck should be paired with a necklace that is unique and fun. Avoid oval shapes, as a scoop neck shirt will already be in this shape. Instead, opt for more angular and interesting shapes that will create variance. 

Jewelry That Reflects Your Personality

Now that you know what necklace to wear with what neckline, you can personalize your wardrobe with luxury handmade jewelry. Amita Bhalla necklaces and earrings are made with natural materials designed to bring your inner beauty outward. You can choose to bring a dash of elegance to your casual wear or kick your elegant eveningwear up a notch. Choose elegance, whimsy, fun, flirty, and more when you pair your outfit with Amita Bhalla jewelry.

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