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15 Myths Surrounding the Durability of Polymer Clay

Amita Bhalla

How durable is polymer clay jewelry? Polymer clay is a wonderful art medium to explore due to its durability. There are many different types of clay that an artist can choose to work with, but when it comes to jewelry, polymer clay can’t be beaten. You may be wondering ‘how...

History, Art, & More: Why Istanbul Has My Heart

Amita Bhalla

Straddling both Europe and Asia, Turkey is a country bursting with culture. One of Turkey’s most well-known cities is Istanbul, a history-filled city that tells its story through its people and art. There are many reasons one may choose to travel to Istanbul: family, religion, vacation. However, whatever the initial...

Amethyst Stone Benefits And The Significance of Their Symbolism

Amita Bhalla Tags xartisan jewelry, xpolymer clay jewelry

Along with their breathtakingly beautiful appearance, amethyst stones are known for a multitude of different advantages for both body and soul. These stones are highly renowned for their healing powers, said to rid one of the negative energies and elevate one’s state of consciousness. These powerful associations are part of...

What is So Special About Murano Glass? Here's My Journey with Murano Glass Jewelry

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The face of Venice, Italy, possibly the most romantic city in the world, is irresistible to me. For thousands of years, artists have captured every facet of this mystical city. All of my senses received constant stimulation as I walked among these beautiful streets. My time here inspired me to...

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