"Life is one big blank canvas and we hold the paintbrush to our destinies"-A.B.




A Letter From Amita

I’m not just a business owner. I’m a traveler, an artist, a life enthusiast. My name is Amita Bhalla, and I’m excited to take you on my next journey with me as we venture forth into my world of unique pieces of art.

Welcome to my website, where you will find exclusive, handcrafted art as well as the events and travels that inspired each piece. My experiences in this world thus far have been varied and brought my soul to places I didn’t know possible. From New York City to my homeland of India, and everywhere in between, every one of my travels have inspired me to a new state of consciousness, a new way of looking at this beautiful, mysterious world around us.

Creating my unique, handcrafted art is simply my attempt to express what I’ve learned from my times experiencing people and places. As I move forward through each new adventure, I look forward to creating art that allows me to express each experience with the world, to express each experience with you.

So please venture forth and take a look at my different art prints and designs. Regardless of whether it is a fashion statement necklace, hand-painted oyster dish, or one of my paintings, I promise you there is more than meets the eye. Nothing is more valuable to me than human connection — and creating these pieces is how I wish to connect with the world around me. The pieces I create are not for me, they are for every individual I experience. They are for you.

Amita Bhalla