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Amethyst Stone Benefits And The Significance of Their Symbolism

Amita Bhalla

Along with their breathtakingly beautiful appearance, amethyst stones are known for a multitude of different advantages for both body and soul. These stones are highly renowned for their healing powers, said to rid one of the negative energies and elevate one’s state of consciousness. These powerful associations are part of...

What is So Special About Murano Glass? Here's My Journey with Murano Glass Jewelry

Amita Bhalla

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The face of Venice, Italy, possibly the most romantic city in the world, is irresistible to me. For thousands of years, artists have captured every facet of this mystical city. All of my senses received constant stimulation as I walked among these beautiful streets. My time here inspired me to...

Moonstone Meanings and Their Healing Energies

Amita Bhalla

What does moonstone represent? Moonstones are beautiful, rich gems that hold a plethora of history and mythos. They may not look very impressive at a first, but when the light hits them in just the right way, they reveal a spectacular presence of light and movement. Along with their surprisingly...